Oral Sedation

Occasionally we will recommend oral sedation (taking pills before surgery) by itself or in combination with nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The advantages can be lower cost and less complicated surgeries or procedures. General dentists who are licensed to do oral sedation (check your dentists’ certificate) can do this for general dental procedures. The goal for oral sedation is not unconsciousness or deep sedation; that is not indicated for this technique. If a dentist does not have this certificate to do oral sedation, or, they sedate patients deeply, they are not practicing within standards of care.

Dr. Noren will explain if Oral Sedation may be indicated in your case; the main disadvantage to oral sedation is lack of control of under or over sedation as there is no IV access. In our case, our office can immediately start an IV if need be unlike in a general dental office.

Our office will give you instructions on eating and drinking rules also. Generally, it follows the same times as nitrous sedation (see that section) as well as needing an adult escort that can drive you to and from the appointment. With IV sedation, no medication is on board until the start of the procedure; with oral sedation, we may need to complete consents and payments prior to the surgery date. Call our office with any questions.